**  Any size remodels

**  New Built Housing to one million plus

**  Multi Family Housing

**  Custom Housing

**  Tract Housing


**  Strip Malls

**  Department Stores

**  Schools

**  Restaurants

**  Hospitals

**  Doctor/Dentist Office (med gas)

**  Office Buildings

Fixture Choices for You

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**  Moen:  Buy it for looks, buy it for life.  Moen specializes in a number of plumbing fixtures including those for your kitchen, bar, bathroom, and shower as well as filtration systems.


**  Delta :  Beautifully engineered.  Delta offers a wide variety of styles of fixtures.  You may also design your own specialty orders for your individual plumbing needs.


**  Kohler :  The bold look of Kohler.  Kohler carries a wide variety of fixtures in all shapes, styles, and colors.  From antique style faucets to modern shower units, Kohler offers it all.